“Kelly-Detwiler does a masterful job explaining the energy system and the drastic transition that is underway. Energy – and electricity in particular – is the foundation for our quality of life and therefore anyone and everyone would benefit from reading The Energy Switch to gain an understanding of the opportunities and challenges that face our society as we go through the transition.”

— Julia Hamm, President & CEO, Smart Electric Power Alliance

The news is littered with all kinds of scary stories about melting glaciers, plastic in the oceans and the increasingly rickety systems we use to power our world. The results can be frightening, overwhelming or even downright depressing.

Enter Peter Kelly Detwiler, an engaging storyteller who uses his unique position as a top energy industry insider to give us “regular people” a peek into what’s going on, how we can participate as individuals, and how this whole thing will really affect each of us – now and in the future.

More than anything, Peter helps smart people see a brighter future.

Readers Reviews

All the news about the climate change and the glaciers made me feel helpless, like there was nothing I could ever do. Your book made me feel like I can.

Marnie C.

Your book surprised me, even made me laugh a few times. Best, it gave me have hope again for our planet and our future as a species.”

James Sinclair, Portland, OR

I never knew there was so much good s*** happening. My science teacher dared me to read this because I said his generation had ruined it for the rest of us. Now I’m glad I did.

Tyler Thomas

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